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Sleeping Areas, Off-Game Areas, and the Black/White Ribbon Metatechnique
This article was written for, an published on, and can be found here. However, I publish it here on my blog as well, to have my written work on larp easily accessible at one place. I also took the liberty of copying the excellent layout done by the editors at In this article, I will present the black/white ribbon metatechnique, created by myself for the re-run of Libertines (2020). Put very simply, this technique is used to signal if you want play in your sleeping area or not, and can be changed according to your current wishes. Before presenting this technique in full, however, it is necessary to present the background, and to create a tool for discussing different kinds of sleeping area design choices. Therefore, I will start by introducing the mixing desk of sleeping areas, and will discuss the pros and cons of having a separate off-game room, before arriving on the design of Li…

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